Our identities are time immemorial. 
The Two Spirit National Cultural Exchange, Inc.  is dedicated to the positive development of 'two-spirit' people. Centered in Denver, Colorado (USA) we are able to access the heart of Indian Country. Today many Native American gay groups identify strongly with the concept of 'two-spirit' tradition and culture.

Few members of these groups come from the actual traditions and reservations that establish the identity for being Native America and 'two-spirit' that influences the cultural  tribal life.

Due to no fault of their own, many come from families already assimilated to urban cultures. Historically, over years, many were adopted and taken from those traditional ways.

These groups seek to share only the social aspects of the 'two-spirit' identity, because they unknowingly do not know how to secure their cultural identification. Many have lost their own connection to the importance of their cultural/tribal identification; their cultural/tribal traditional ways of living. Through those social connections many have found their Native American and 'two-spirit' identity.

This is way the Two Spirit National Culture Exchange, Inc. is to support, seek and   preserve a way of life that existed for hundreds and hundreds of years; in order to rediscovered, preserve and continue the multi-tribal traditions of 'two-spirit' communities.
Using your donations to change the lives of             future 'two-spirit' generation.                               

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